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Find out why VideoResults have earned the reputation as the trusted leader of the Video Content Marketing industry.

Whats the difference between using video… and using video successfully?

Forget the hype around how powerful video can be. We’ve been hearing it since 2007 when mass broadband meant video went mainstream. There can be no doubt that good video is preferred by our audiences, our customers, by Google, social media platforms and advertisers.

But here’s the key… if good content marketing is important in 2014, then using video effectively can increase the power and reach of your content by 20 to 50 times.

Watch the video to the left to find out how VideoResults will position you as the leader in your industry.

(We’ve got everything covered – Video + SEO + Social Media + Blogging + Engagement… and we’ll do it all for you EVERYDAY.)

“But isn’t video marketing time consuming and very expensive”?

It’s a question we were often asked. So VideoResults is a system developed to significantly decrease the cost of traditional video production and… wait for it… means that your video a day can be created with (your) client input of just 45 – 60 minutes a month. Meaning you get a video a day with 20 – 50 times the impact of traditional content marketing, with minimal time and effort by comparison.

The ‘video a day’ strategy will only need 45 minutes of your time each month.

Besides reasons of time and cost, the main reason most fail to maximise the potential of video is because they don’t have a strategy for optimisation… a strategy to make sure your target audience watch and engage with your videos. By producing highly relevant videos and distributing them every day we are giving your audience, your customers, Google, and social platforms exactly what they want.

The “video a day” approach creates a video content marketing strategy your competitors simply aren’t able to live with.

The Method

Top Quality, Engaging Video Content… Every working day.

Whether it’s ‘Industry News’, ‘Interview’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Tip’, ‘Product’, ‘Review’, ‘About Us’ or ‘Testimonial’ videos we’ll make sure they are filmed in top quality studios with either your spokespeople or our professional presenters.

Doing this every single working day positions you as the leader in the industry. And remember, we do everything for you.

Integrated Promotion – Organic, Paid and Social

Every single video we publish is maximised for visibility, engagement and exposure.  This includes video SEO, social media, website activity and paid promotion to position you as the expert in Google’s eyes and as a result, attract more rankings, exposure, traffic and leads.

By the time your competition cotton on to what you’re doing and take a couple of months to try and cope with it, you’ll have another 40 videos published that are reaching, engaging and persuading your audience.

Instant Lead Generation

Becoming an influential authority in an industry does not happen overnight. However, it does not mean we cannot take advantage of video advertising and bring you in some instant results.

Right now, YouTube is fast becoming a potent advertising platform and we can often attract leads for you at a tenth of the price that you’d pay on Google PPC. Not just that – the quality of the leads are so much better so if lead generation is one of your KPIs, we’ll be able to deliver from day 1.

Leading Your Industry 

VideoResults was created to answer 1 question – “What do you need to do to become the leader in your industry?”. It’s the ‘hustle’ of working smart and hard to get results.

Truth be told, over the years many ‘marketing professionals’ have become soft at a time when marketing has become tougher. VideoResults will force you into the top 4% of players that control the market – the 4% that lead the industry.

Low Or No Hassle

We do everything for you from start to finish, saving you time and effort. For most, there is 45 minutes of input per month and we’ll do the rest.

We also make your life simple as we can easily integrate into and support your current marketing methods, often collaborating with agencies you employ to accelerate results.

  • Exclusivity

    When you work with us, we don’t work with your direct competitors. There can only be one leader after all.

  • Guaranteed Video Delivery

    We guarantee to ‘go live’ with a new, professional video every single business day.

  • Global, National or Local

    Whether you’re targeting the whole world or your local area, we’ll zero in and reach your ideal customers.

  • Instant New Leads

    From day 1, we will use our video networks and promotional platforms to generate instant new business to accelerate results and a positive ROI.

  • All the ‘clever stuff’ is handled

    Remarketing/retargeting, analytics, conversion rates etc – we’ve got it covered. We’ll be tracking all the information you need and will be reporting back to you with regular updates.

  • Guaranteed Live Person On The Phone

    We have a dedicated support team ready for you should you ever need to talk with us.

  • Easy Integration

    We’ll not only seamlessly integrate with your marketing teams or agencies, but we’ll also support and enhance your existing campaigns.

  • Reputation Management

    With any campaign, we’ll include reputation management for your company, products and more.

  • Designed To Suit Most Marketing Budgets

    You’d imagine that creating and releasing a top quality video every single business day must cost a fortune? The good news is, VideoResults has been specifically designed to suit most marketing budgets.

Partner with the world’s number 1 video content marketing agency.

You’re probably thinking a video a day, with advanced distribution and SEO is going to be very expensive.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear VideoResults has been specifically designed to suit most marketing budgets.

  • Become an authority in your industry
  • Improve website SEO
  • Easy to integrate with your teams or agencies
  • No time hassles!
  • Attract instant leads

As this case study video shows, when you become a leader in your marketplace, the knock-on effects are huge…

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